PLAY Through The Borders
1939, Britain.
The Small Train station.
Nine years old Jewish girl Hana waits
/not knowing/
for her new parents and her new life.
In a country where nobody speaks her language, where nobody understands…
Before World War II, thousands of (mostly) Jewish children left their homes, families & friends to be protected from Nazi oppression. Some of their parents could choose from the lesser of two evils: leave their children but probably save them by sending them far away from home, or endanger them by staying? If parents sent them away, children very often didn’t understand, they just went… alone… far beyond the borders. The vast majority of children never saw their natural parents or families again.

Age: 8+
Running time: 30 min + discussion / aftershow activities
The show is intentionally performed in Czech language either for Czech not speaking audience.
Written, directed & performed by Michaela Vanova (contact)
Music by David Hlavac